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Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron

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Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron Rings - Lustrous Bands

To be clear right off the bat - no tigers were harmed in the production of this jewelry. What we have here is a gemstone with lots of parallel stripes and colors, usually in yellows and light browns. Tiger eye gets its name from the way light reflects in a strip or stripe off of its surface - like the slit in a cat's eye. That's an effect called chatoyance. Most tiger eye jewelry is cut into cabochons - rather than facets - because it maximizes your chance of seeing this cool effect. That is especially great when you're looking at rings. You can have a nice, big stone on your finger and it'll do things to the light that a typical diamond or sapphire won't. That lets you stand out from the norm and add a rich purr of color to any ensemble.

And tiger iron? That's when the red variety of jasper and some black hematite weave through the same rock as bands of tiger eye. Minerals get up to some crazy stuff! In this case the result is a rock filled with spectacular waves of color - usually reds, blacks and yellows. Since jasper and hematite are already great for accessories on their own, combining them - then adding that tiger eye chatoyance - creates something truly spectacular.

Ultimately, though, it's up to you whether you want the sensory indulgence of tiger iron or a simpler statement with tiger eye. In fact, no one's stopping you from grabbing a bit of both, or supplementing your ring with a pendant necklace to bring cohesion to the whole outfit.