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Are You Fierce Enough to Pull Off a Spessartite Ring?

Orange is a polarizing color, you’re either for it or against it — there’s little room to be lukewarm. And not everyone has the fashion acumen to pull off this color subtly, because spessartite jewelry is simply not subtle. It’s a statement. It’s a dare-to-be-different fashion flaunt. What will your look say about you with our line of spessartite rings? And do you have what it takes to look fierce where others look flat?

Spessartite’s unique coloring is the result of its elemental properties, specifically manganese. Our rings feature gemstones that range in color from orange to orange-red. Generally speaking, the most popular variety of spessartite is a blazing red with specks of orange hues. From there, the exceptionally high refractive index in spessartite creates a unique brilliance and play-of-color. It’s a gemstone that is nearly impossible to replicate, adding to its rarity and uniqueness. Pair your ring with an equally distinct spessartite pendants and watch the eyes of passersby dance from your hands to your lapel.

Orange is no longer relegated to just autumn leaves, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice lattes. Your ring will force people to have an opinion. There are no fence-sitters when it comes to spessartite. Which side do you fall on?