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Obsidian Rings: Jet Black Brilliance That's So Cool It Used to Be Hot

Volcanos are scary. Slow-moving rivers of molten rock might just be even scarier. You'd think something that moves at such a measured pace wouldn't be that intimidating but it is. And isn’t it bizarre that a mountain can just jettison its top and start expelling smoke and gas like it's the Earth's tailpipe?

Well, Mother Nature probably knew she needed to give us some beauty/destruction balance after she came up with that stuff, so she gave us obsidian. We humans saw it and immediately said, "Let's make a ring out of that." Then – wham! - obsidian rings. Probably. There might be some conjecture added to that story over the years.

Anyway, obsidian is sometimes what happens when that hot, angry blob of lava we talked about earlier cools off quickly and finally comes to a halt. It's volcanic glass that's usually black and almost always lovely enough to make up for all the things it put us through getting here. If only it just grew silently like a pearl, or quietly waited underground to be found like amethysts and citrines.

But you won't find another gemstone quite like obsidian, and a ring is the best way to show off its one-of-a-kind allure. So peruse our selection of gorgeous obsidian rings and find the one that speaks to your unique aesthetic. And don't worry, the website is completely safe from lava and volcanos. For now. Most likely. I think. Just hurry up and get it.