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These Marvelous Marcasite Rings Could Make YOU the Town Trendsetter

Grab a marcasite ring to showcase your adoration for glamorous jewelry! Dazzling, shimmering and full of shine, a marcasite is another word for the mineral pyrite when it is set in jewelry, usually in sterling silver. But it is actually not a pyrite – confusing I know! We were too, until we researched and found out that while both have iron sulfides in their composition, it is their crystal formations that distinguish them from each other.

Marcasite is actually an Arabic name given to pyrite. A close companion to hematite in terms of color and luster, marcasite is actually pale bronze or grey with a green-ish tint to it before it is polished and set into your shimmering jewelry pieces. One can also come across brown marcasites, due to the oxidation process during formation. It is usually found worldwide, including right here in the USA within sedimentary rocks and coal beds.

As already mentioned, marcasite looks the best when set in sterling silver – the sheen of the silver helps bring out the shimmer and luster of the gemstone. Check out our Dallas Prince Designs and Gem Insider collections – they have so much sparkle to offer! With 6.0-6.5 harness on Mohs Scale, marcasite is not super sturdy but survives well when handled with care.