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Jasper Rings – Opaque Elegance on Hand

You know those flashy, sparkling gemstones that are always shouting for attention? Like diamonds, amethysts, citrines, etc.? Well, they're nice, sure, but sometimes beauty is more compelling when it's a little more, let's say, cerebral. When it has color and complexity that takes time and understanding to truly appreciate and a presence that's complementary, not overbearing. That depth of appeal and charisma can only be found in one place – jasper.

Essentially opaque chalcedony charmed by deposits of different mineral oxides and organic material, jasper offers a rustic, raw elegance that calls back to its rough, rocky origins. Those deposits mentioned above create the colorful bands and patterns that give jasper its unique character. Red, brown, pink, yellow, green, gray, white and blue – you never quite know what hues you'll find dashing through the stone. That's what makes it so compelling and the contemplative person's gemstone of choice.

And you won't find a better place to exhibit jasper than in a ring. Jasper rings give you the opportunity to put your thoughtful style front and center. When you speak and supplement your words with expressive hand gestures, that jasper ring with be on full display and your audience will understand that there's a wealth of substance behind the charming exterior.