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The Joy of Jade Rings

A symbol of good luck, beautiful and versatile, jade is a stone with a rich history that has long been treasured. Check out our assortment of jade rings and embrace the symbolism and overall lovely design. You might see jade carved into varying designs, much like you might see with coral or turquoise.

Jade has been treasured in China for thousands of years; the Chinese hold it as a symbol of love, virtue and status. It remains popular today in China and has made its way into popularity across the globe. Stone Age workers throughout the world crafted jade into weapons, tools, ornaments and objects for rituals. They believed the carvings invoked powers of heaven and earth and brought mystic forces of life and death. In ancient China, jade was thought to preserve a body after death and was placed in tombs. It is a practice amongst Chinese women to leave jade bangles on their wrists for years, even decades. They believe jade protects and heals the body and protects from harm.

You'll see jade in the classic green hue – that looks great in sterling silver designs by the way – but it also appears in white, yellow, lavender and pink. Take a gander at our jade rings and other pieces to build a symbolic and gorgeous collection you're proud to show off.