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Coming Soon: Waterford Crystal - Irish Harvest Hunt at Evine

Evine Price $270.00
or 6 ValuePay : $45.00
Evine Price $235.00
or 6 ValuePay : $39.17
Evine Price $206.00
or 6 ValuePay : $34.33

Showcase Your Class and Confidence with a Ravishing Ring

Your style exudes sophistication and refinement; there’s no doubt about that. You have a closet peppered with impressive designer pieces - and don’t forget about that handbag and shoe collection that any woman would envy. The hallmarks of great taste are all there, and no one would argue that your aesthetic leaves anything to be desired. But let’s take a peek inside of that jewelry box of yours… is anything missing? I’m not seeing a decadent designer ring in there! It’s an honest mistake, but we simply must make things right. Slip a chic Gucci ring on your finger to complete any ensemble and garner all the attention you deserve.

Once you find a perfectly polished ring to add to your collection, go ahead and bolster your Gucci archive. You’ll want to be sure to glance at our impressive selection of eye-catching bracelets, stunning necklaces and charming earrings. We can already imagine you getting ready to step out in your finest Gucci pieces and a dazzling dress. You can try to downplay your impeccable taste and marvelous ensembles, but you know that you were born to stand out in a crowd and light up a room. So dare to be your bold, beautiful self – dripping in Gucci, of course!