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Jewelry That Admires the Spirit of the Southwest – Sunwest Silver Rings

Just picture this: you’re enjoying the sunshine out on the country club golf course. Your latest vacation is well underway and you don’t have a care in the world. There's laughter, the swing of golf clubs and you’re holding your hand out to grab a refreshing glass of lemonade to combat the heat from the desert air. You’re truly a sight in your chic hat, with fancy bracelets hanging from your wrist and a maxi dress keeping you cool and stylish. But there's something missing - an extra piece that you know will bring everything you want together.

That missing piece? A ring from our friends at Sunwest Silver will do the trick and pull your whole ensemble together. Blending modern techniques with a culture steeped in tradition, these aren’t your average, everyday rings. I mean, you can wear them everyday if you want to – we’re just saying that they’re unique. You'll find stunning metals, lovely turquoise and designs that bring the spirit of the southwest to life. While you're at it, find a few pieces that perfectly complement the aesthetic that you've already curated. There's always room for more pieces that bring you and your style a little bit closer to other cultures!

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy the rest of the sun-soaked weather on your imaginary vacation. More lemonade, please!