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Coming Soon: Waterford Crystal - Irish Harvest Hunt at Evine

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Capture the Rainbow with Ammolite Rings

It's a fossil, it's a gemstone, it's ammolite! Okay that might have been cheesy, but you'll think it's cool, too. It is a type of fossilized mother-of-pearl that has undergone mysterious geological and mineralization transformations - this gives it light refracting characteristics that make it a precious and rare gem. Ammolite is able to split sunlight into every color imaginable, thus creating that rainbow vibe we talked about. Set into a ring from us - from Gems en Vogue maybe? You might just get lost in the mesmerizing colors.

Ammolite is an organic gemstone, much like amber and pearl are, and has been compared to opal because it can be made, as a doublet, into jewelry. The stone was named for Ammon, the ancient Egyptian god of reproduction and life. Don't worry, wearing an ammolite ring won't affect fertility. We don't think. A Roman historian regarded it as the holiest of stones because it was said to evoke prophetic dreams. We also can't guarantee this will happen. But keep dreaming and hope ammolite makes them prophetic. We're mostly focusing on the stylish jewelry aspect here. But if you're all about a gem's mysticism, we're not here to stop you. We just want you to wear our rings.