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Coming Soon: Waterford Crystal - Irish Harvest Hunt at Evine

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Preferred Price $1,369.99
Evine Price: $2,110.00
Save: $740.01 (35% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $228.33
More Choices Available
Preferred Price $1,665.00
Evine Price: $2,220.00
Save: $555.00 (25% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $277.50

Perfect your Big Look with a Large Ring

Looking for a great piece of jewelry that will have everyone talking but can’t put your finger on just what to purchase? Try on a large ring! You’ll immediately have the most original look around, whether at the office, out on the town, or gathered among family and friends, because these rings are large and in charge!

Our larger than life ring treatments are a must when it comes to ring options. Featuring streamlined settings, nestling onto the first knuckle and beyond, our large ring line offers a brilliant assortment of white topaz or oval turquoise gemstones offered in multiple sizes to accommodate all hand sizes and finger preferences. From swirling 18K vermeil bands, spiraling down the ring finger, to gold, three-stone mesh banding, all styles are perfectly coupled with smart gemstones to fit every style.

If you’re looking for more options, you’re in the right place. We have just the style variations to make your large ring perfect for your specific style. Choose from a store of distinct gemstones, including amethyst, rose, vermeil, black spinel, platinum, garnet, white zircon and yellow vermeil. This trendy ornamental ring style will be the biggest one in your collection and make you the trendsetter among your group of friends. Bigger might not always be better. But, in this case, it probably is.