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Coming Soon: Waterford Crystal - Irish Harvest Hunt at Evine
Evine Price $2,339.00
or 6 ValuePay : $389.83
Preferred Price $749.00
Evine Price: $2,850.00
Save: $2,101.00 (74% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $124.83

Size 6.75 Rings – Strange, But True

When it comes to ring size, you know what you are. And if you are here, we know you are a size 6.75 ring. Now, that can be a tricky size to shop for. Good thing you have come to right place - we offer size 6.75! How neat is that?!

Ok, now that you have (most likely) found the ring you want, let's discuss what you can wear with that size 6.75 ring. We offer a million different types of jewelry and gemstone combinations. Well, maybe not a million but it’s quite a bit, we'll just say that. What goes best with rings? How about a nice bangle bracelet or some stud earrings? Yep, we've got those. Ok, we've taken care of the accessory part of your new outfit. That size 6.75 ring is going to look marvelous by the way. How about some new shoes? You seem like the type of person who likes dressing nice. How about some new pumps to go with that new size 6.75 ring? We think you will find a pair you will just love.

Alright, to recap. We have found you a pretty a size 6.75 ring, a new bracelet, some stud earrings and some sexy new pumps to put a little pep in your stylish step. Sounds like you're on your way to a fantastic night. Say thanks, Evine. "Thanks, Evine!"