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Evine Price $2,350.00
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Find the Perfect Fit with Our Collection of Ring Sizes … Including 5.25!

One size doesn’t always fit all. Anyone who has ever bought a ring that was ill-sized knows this firsthand. No pun intended. It can be a frustrating process to have a beloved ring sized, as buyers sacrifice time and peace of mind to ensure their rings are fitted precisely to their hand.

The size 5.25 rings are accurately calibrated to be a perfect fit, which is imperative for a variety of reasons. Many people have a preferred tightness or looseness in how their ring fits. Others have job duties that require the quick and periodic removal of rings, and can’t be burdened with a ring that will slip off or fail to release at a moment’s notice. We are committed to offering our consumers the most tailor-made accessories from the comfort of their homes. We want to ensure that your first purchase will be the only decision you have to make, and not on whether to bring the ring in for a band adjustment after the fact. Discover more ring varieties in adjacent sizes, from 5, 5.5 and 6.

Trust the precision and expertise of our partners, knowing that our 5.25-sized rings are true to number and will accommodate your specific size requirements from day one. One size rarely fits all. But we have the perfect size to fit you!