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Sterling Silver Pins – Just the Beginning

You're already here, so you know our pins category is more than just pins. A little unexpected thrown in for your shopping experience. Our pins made in sterling silver will include the traditional pins you're thinking of, but you might also find cuff links or tie clips here, too. They needed a home since they didn't fit anywhere else. We're welcoming like that.

If you were actually looking for cuff links, congratulations, you succeeded. And what better metal than sterling silver? Elegant and shimmery on its own, it also makes for an excellent backdrop for gemstones (though we realize gems on cuff links is less likely than on the classic pins in this assortment). If you're not about shiny, you might come across cuff links with oxidized or brushed finishes for a more subtle aesthetic. We hope you found what you were looking for.

Those traditional pins I mentioned come in all kinds of designs. You might even find a pin that's also a pendant and comes with a chain. Two pieces at once? Yes, please. And speaking of additional pieces – be sure to check out all the other jewelry we carry crafted in sterling silver. Everything from rings to earrings to pendants, we've basically got it all. Take a look.