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Your New Best Friend is Found in Moissanite Pendants

We all love diamonds. But we also know there's another way. With moissanite, you get to showcase an all-kinds-of-shimmery diamond alternative – it's time to rock our moissanite pendants. Not quite a simulated diamond, moissanite is created exclusively by Charles & Colvard and is much closer in composition to actual diamonds than its cheaper simulated counterparts. Moissanite is pretty close to diamonds on the hardness scale and its density more closely approximates that of a diamond. Its high refractive index gives moissanite a dazzling sparkle – who doesn't love that?

Our pendants are the perfect way to show off this fabulous stone, but you'll also see a rise in the utilization of moissanite in rings – whether it’s an engagement ring or just a shimmering piece to show off. You may see a slight color on some stones, which is created by a variety of factors, but makes each gem more unique and natural-looking even though it is lab created. So yeah, it's pretty flashy. It's got pizazz.

Is moissanite that gleaming and glistening stone you've been looking for? We certainly think so. You might be surprised by its radiance and similarity to diamonds, but yet makes its own statement. Break into the marvelous world of moissanite.