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Tsavorite Necklaces: Being Green Is So Much Easier When You're A Gemstone

Go ahead, say it. It's fine, just say it. Yep, you're not sure about that "T" at the beginning are you? Neither was I. Tsavorite. I mean, do you try and work in a little tongue-and-teeth sound right when you start saying the name, or do you just treat it like that ghost that turns up in the corner of your guest room and pretend it's not there? Well, I looked it up and it's official – you just pretend it's not there and pronounce it as SAV-OH-RITE. Honestly, I can't believe it was the easy one. How many times in life does the easy option end up being the right one?

So, where did the name come from? Good question. Tsavorite is named after the famous Tsavo-National Park of Kenya where an occurrence of the stone was discovered. A guy at a legendary New York jewelry store officially gave it that name a handful of decades ago. Interesting, right?

One other quick curious thing about this rock before we get to the big "buy a tsavorite necklace from us" pitch, this brilliantly green gemstone is geologically actually a member of the garnet family, which as you may or may not know is the mineral with the most variety of colors and also includes spessertite and rhodolite. Just thought that was kind of cool.

Anyway, here's that pitch I promised. If you're on the search for a look that speaks to your unique brand of elegance, you simply cannot top a tsavorite necklace. Simply scroll up to check our lovely selection. Hey, that's another really easy thing – just like dropping the T. That's two easy things in like, what, four paragraphs? Things are looking up.