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Trollbeads Necklaces – Tell Your Unique Story

Your creativity shines through in your fashion, from your basic everyday ensembles to those special occasion outfits that take you weeks to put together. You want to say something special and it shows. That’s the kind of spirit Trollbeads appreciates. Trollbeads provides you with a beautiful way to put your personality into your jewelry, too. Create a Trollbeads necklace and tell the world your own story without saying a word. Here’s how it works.

Trollbeads charms and jewelry allow you to build personalized accessories using beads and chains made from sterling silver, 18K gold, semi-precious stones and Murano glass. The original bead-on-bracelet since 1976, Trollbeads provides the tools needed for anyone interested to express their individuality through jewelry. Handcrafted by a dedicated crew of skilled and passionate artisans, each Trollbeads bead has its own story and takes over 100 individual steps to create.

And there’s more to Trollbeads than just necklaces. You’ll also find bracelets, pendants and a whole bunch of individual beads and charms that you can add on to your new necklace to make it even more unique to you.

So what are you waiting for? With your creativity and the myriad of options Trollbeads offers to customize your necklace, you need to start building now. Scroll up and let your imagination guide your mouse clicks.