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Peace & Love Jewelry by Nancy Davis

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Peace & Love by Nancy Davis at Evine - 629-546, 162-378

Peace & Love Jewelry by Nancy Davis Necklaces: Sleek Lines to Give Your Favorite Fashions the Perfect Finish

Whether you’re talking about that fancy dress that only gets out of the closet once or twice a year or the office stalwart slacks and V-neck shirt that are routine favorites, every ensemble needs a beautiful necklace to pull it together, give it some life and make it stand out. It’s an important point because when your fashion is popping, you can feel it. And when you’re feeling it, nothing can stand in your way. With a necklace from the Peace & Love Jewelry by Nancy Davis collection, you’ll be unstoppable.

Philanthropist, activist and designer Nancy Davis knows a little something about being unstoppable. She also knows that every person ultimately wants peace and love in his or her life. This beautiful message finds its way into each piece in the Peace & Love Jewelry by Nancy Davis collection. Nancy’s signature logo appears in every accessory to help remind us all that working together toward a brighter future is a noble act worthy of our best efforts.

So, wearing that Peace & Love Jewelry by Nancy Davis necklace you end up finding in our selection should make you feel beautiful and proud. But don’t stop there! Continue your search for unique accessories among Nancy’s Peace & Love rings, bracelets and earrings, too. Assemble an entire aesthetic right here at Evine that shimmers, sparkles and speaks to a higher ideal.