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Mother-of-Pearl Necklaces: They Aren’t Your Grandma's Pearls

Don’t get us wrong – we love your sweet grandma, too, but these pearls are updated, sophisticated and so this century. Adding a layer or two of mother-of-pearl jewelry to your outfit can absolutely transform your look. Our mother-of-pearl necklaces offer a fresh take on a classic, traditional style.

Did you know? Mother-of-pearl is found on the shells of mussels, oysters and snails. Depending on the kind of animal and where it lives, emissions create several colors and shapes that are found on the varying types of mother-of-pearl. White mother-of-pearl from pearl-bearing oysters has highly reflective properties and is one of the more commonly used types. Iridescent mother-of-pearl is a type where the pink and green colors are predominant, while variegated mother-of-pearl is more of a multicolored type. Both stone mother-of-pearl and matte mother-of-pearl have low reflective power.

It’s not just us who are fans of this gem – people have been attracted to the shiny qualities of mother-of-pearl for thousands of years. Yep, you read that right, thousands. Don’t worry, it’s hard for us to wrap our minds around it too. Mother-of-pearl objects were common in ancient Greece, Cyprus and Italy. In fact, pieces have been found that belonged to the Tang Dynasty of China from 618-906 A.D.

So, what are you waiting for? Put together a knock-out outfit with a mother-of-pearl necklace and maybe even a new pair of elegant mother-of-pearl earrings and a romantic mother-of-pearl ring to match.