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Perfectly Pink: A Kunzite Necklace

Think pink: a single pale rose, a fresh stick of bubblegum, cotton candy at the circus… all great images come to mind when thinking of that pretty color. We're guessing you like pink, since you've landed here at kunzite necklaces. That's right, kunzite is pink, too!

A fairly new stone, kunzite was first discovered in 1902 in Connecticut. The miners who discovered the stone named it after New York jeweler and gemstone specialist George Frederick Kunz. Today, most kunzite is mined Brazil, Afghanistan and Madagascar, along with morganite and tourmaline. Pink gems are often found together.

Similar to iolite, kunzite is pleochroic, which means that it shows different colors from different directions. It can appear to be ranges of violet, pink or even colorless. Pretty impressive, right? These delicate colors are thought to make it the perfect stone for lovers and it is also popular as a healing stone - said to enhance one's inner peace.

A kunzite necklace offers subtle sparkle with sophistication. Whether you want one large statement stone, or a few smaller stones scattered across a chain is up to you. It's the perfect piece to wear to a dressy dinner and theatre night or for a quiet coffee and afternoon chitchat with the gal pals.