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MKate & Mallory® at Evine - 738-753

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Kate & Mallory® Necklaces – Fashionably Fabulous

Just because you’re busy and juggling a million different things at one time doesn’t mean you can’t have cute and charming style that’s easy to wear. Just take a look at these sophisticated necklaces from Kate & Mallory. You may already know that Kate & Mallory has adorable, effortless clothing from stunning shirts to trendy stretch jeans. Now you can take your fashionable looks one step further with one of their sweet necklaces. They’re the perfect accessories for your on-the-go lifestyle thanks to their versatile designs.

Let’s say today you’re wearing a flowy Kate & Mallory maxi dress with a classic scooped neckline and a vibrant print. We suggest trying a layered chain necklace for the final touch. It’s a simple way to show that neckline a little love without taking away from your infectious personality. Or let’s say you are getting ready for the office and you’re almost ready to go in your of-the-moment blouse, pencil skirt and striking pumps. Try putting on a dazzling necklace that’s encrusted with shimmering crystals. That way you can add on some elegant sparkle to go with your beautiful smile as you give that important presentation or greet new clients. Whatever the day may bring, you’ll find a Kate & Mallory necklace that’s ideal for all of your fabulous outfits.