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Jazz Up Your Look with a Jasper Necklace

We think a jasper necklace would look absolutely stunning on you. Jasper has a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of the Wild West. You know, the wide open frontier, the cowboys, the wild horses, the everlasting horizon and so on. We love a good Western show where the cowboys take out the bad guys and save the day. Don’t you?

Put your boots on, my friend. We’re going to tell you a thing or two about jasper. You might be thinking, “Hold your horses – let’s not get carried away here!” But why not? Let’s do it. Besides, getting carried away is way more fun.

Jasper is part of the chalcedony family and is made of mineral oxides and organic materials. Because of this, jasper can vary in patterns with colorful bands of brown, red, yellow, pink, green, white, gray and blue. This gemstone is unearthed worldwide, however a wide variety is found in the western part of the United States. See what we mean about the Wild West?

Try pairing a jasper necklace with a turquoise ring to add a little southwestern flair to your style. Pull your look together with a pretty Patricia Nash handbag and you’re all set!