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A Necklace of Tradition – Stories about Jade

This is a tale of two gems. Jadeite and nephrite. Two different materials. Both can accurately be considered jade and share a similar color scheme. Their colors range from shades of green to yellow to reddish-orange to brown to black to gray or even white. Nephrite tends to be more muted than jadeite, with mottled or streaky details. This is not a new concept. Both gems have been linked throughout history, since the term jade was applied to many different decorative materials that resembled it - even some manmade materials resembling the two.

Cherished for thousands of years, jade is considered pure and enduring enough to help inspire the owner’s spiritual dreams. In Asia, the fascination around jade has never wavered - and today, non-Asian markets are drawn to it more than ever. Its rich heritage along with its beauty, rarity and durability draw in all types of collectors. Jade’s cultural roots begin in the smoke-dimmed caves and huts that protected prehistoric humans. The Chinese relate jade with clarity of the mind and purity of the spirit - that is where the gem-carving tradition started. There, a pierced jade disk is considered a symbol of heaven.

Jade has been used for many reasons throughout time. It has been shaped into weapons, tools, ornaments and even objects for rituals. Jade is also a beautiful gemstone for jewelry. Its bright glowing shades of green look stunning on bracelets and drop earrings.