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High-Gloss Hematite Necklaces Mirror Glamor and Fashion!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the glossiest of ‘em all? Why, hematites of course! The smooth, high-polished and glossy finish of hematite beads is really to die for. If you crave that high-end glamorous look, you surely need to keep a couple of hematite necklaces in your jewelry box. These necklaces drape beautifully and often come in impressive lengths like 22" and over – so wear them as double or triple strands, a long, flowing row or even wrap them around your wrist for a style all your own! We would pair these necklaces with a flowing maxi dress for an effortless look.

The exquisite dark grey or black hematites that you see on the market today are actually rust colored due to the high iron content. In fact, the word hematite gets its name from the Greek word “Blood-like,” because of the red color of its powder. Did you know that hematite is also found on Mars? Yes, really! That’s why you see that planet as a red orb, due to the oxidized iron on its surface. The beautiful steel gray color with a metallic and earthy luster occurs when the mineral is polished.

Hematite has been used a mineral for adornment since ancient times. The Native Americans used crushed hematite as paint for their artwork and their bodies. A very gory lore even speaks of hematite as having been formed from the blood of the wounded and the dead on the battle fields. It is a symbol for the Roman god of war and is thought to be a stone of protection. In eastern cultures hematite was used to create mirrors. Because of its reflective qualities, hematite is believed to deepen the connection between the spirit and body.

England is the biggest producer of hematite, but it can also find be found in other European countries and Alaska, USA. Apart from jewelry, hematite is used to produce steel and actually has magnetic qualities.