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Glamorous Garnet Necklaces Are Grace Personified

Did you know that tsavorite, hessonite, rhodolite and spessartites are all types of garnets? Not surprising really, since garnets display the largest variety of colors of all minerals. The name garnet comes from the ancient gemstone city of Alabanda in Asia Minor (thus the name almandine garnet). The word garnet itself has been derived from the fruit pomegranate, since the smaller garnets resemble the juicy red colored seeds of the fruit!

The green variety of garnet, Demantoid, comes primarily from the Ural Mountains in Russia, much like the tsavorites. On the other color spectrum, Grossularites are highly popular for their vivid pinks, browns, greens and yellow. A great source for these types of garnets is Mali. Hessonite is another variety of garnet with vivid orange and brown colors. But by far the most popular type of garnet is the lovely and blushing Rhodolite, with its beautiful velvety red color and a purple or raspberry undertones.

Garnet is a January birthstone that is traditionally given as a second wedding anniversary gift. Due to its relatively high hardness rating on the Mohs Scale, they make for very durable everyday jewelry pieces and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The gemstone is believed to strengthen the body and mind by sparking creativity, dispelling anger and helping with depression. Ancient Egyptians believed that the gemstone helped appease the gods, so it was buried with the dead. King Solomon is said to have worn a large red garnet to help him win battles.