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Fluorite Necklaces – Go with the Flow

Check out our flow – our fluorite necklaces, to be exact. Did you know the name fluorite comes from the latin word "fluo," meaning to flow? It was given the name because the mineral was used as a flux, or flowing agent, in iron smelting. Found in many locations around the world, including South Africa, France, Myanmar, Peru, England, Canada, and the United States, Flourite can be found in just about every color of the rainbow.

Many fluorites feature a type of luminescence called fluorescence, due to impurities in the stone. Just like fluorescent colors of certain clothing and highlighter markers, fluorite makes an impact. Under an ultraviolet UV light, fluorite pops with vibrant color. If you plan on going to a fun evening event with many UV lights, your fluorite necklace might be a go-to party piece.

Due to a low hardness scale rating, you will not see a lot of fluorite jewelry, but it can still be quite suitable for protected jewelry such as necklaces, low-profile rings, pendants and earrings. Just take extra care when wearing fluorite and store it thoughtfully in a beautiful leather jewelry box. Take a look at our NYC II® Collection for their take on fluorite among many other stunning gemstones!