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Walk Like a Carnelian Necklace-wearing Egyptian

Carnelian is said to bring happiness and harmony to those who wear it. Doesn’t that sound nice? A better question yet: Why isn’t everyone wearing carnelian? Beats us, but we’re big fans of it – especially in knock-out necklaces.

So, what’s the deal with carnelian? What makes it so awesome? Carnelian is a gemstone with quite the storied past. This gemstone has been discovered in jewelry artifacts from nearly every great civilization, and most prominently with the Egyptians. One queen from the third millennium B.C. was buried in a robe that was decorated with carnelian along with additional precious materials. The Egyptian goddess Isis used amulets of this gemstone to guarantee a soul’s safe journey into the afterlife.

Since carnelian has been collected for its healing, creative and spiritual aspects, Buddhists in China and India designed amulets inlaid with carnelian for protection and used them for various rituals. Even today, Buddhists in India, Tibet and China have faith in the protective powers of this gemstone and follow the Egyptian practice of setting carnelian with lapis lazuli and turquoise for greater power.

Carnelian is a stone that’s appreciated by many cultures throughout thousands of centuries. If you ask us, we think a captivating carnelian necklace paired with a Patricia Nash crossbody handbag would look so good on you.