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Preserve Your Style with Amber Necklaces

You might be thinking, "Amber? Like the stuff insects get stuck in?" Well, you wouldn't be wrong. But amber doesn't always trap bugs or debris. It is fossilized resin from ancient plants, specifically coniferous trees, but it's not your average tree sap. Millions of years ago, this resin would be encased in the ground and gradually become fossilized - and now we get to wear it as jewelry.

You'll still sometimes see bits of leaves or wood inside amber, but that just adds to its charm. Amber necklaces are just one way to show off this ancient gem. It is translucent and ranges in hue from dark brown to a light lemon yellow. Pair your amber necklaces with other gemstones in earth tones, anything from tiger eye to lapis. It also pairs nicely with yellow gold, if that's your kind of style. We like it all.

Amber has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Homer's Odyssey mentions a necklace of amber beads as a princely gift. Colorless amber was used for rosary beads in the Middle Ages due to its smooth, silky feel. It mostly appears in cabochon form, rather than faceted stones, thus the common occurrence of it in beads. Whether you're rocking an old world vibe or just enjoy the gem, amber necklaces will surely add to your collection.