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Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron

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Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron Earrings: Get Your Fierce On

You already love tiger eye, but do you know where the name comes from? Its rich yellow and golden brown bands resemble the eyes of a tiger. I guess that's obvious now that I point it out…but still, our tiger eye earrings are sure to impress. The stone is a common form of brown quartz that has parallel stripes and lustrous colors. Even your jewelry can be striped! It comes in various shades of light or dark brown. See how it looks in sterling silver pieces.

Roman soldiers wore the gem for protection while in battle and it is said to enhance courage and bring physical strength. It is also believed to offer protection during travel. So be sure to wear our tiger eye earrings every time you get on a plane and throughout your whole trip, just in case. Tiger eye is said to strengthen confidence, willpower and convictions, which will help one in accomplishing goals. If you choose to believe this, perhaps you can attain your dreams while showing off a chic set of earrings.

Trying pairing tiger eye with other earth-tone gems, like a brown tourmaline. Tiger eye is more opaque, but you can still rock it. Start with our tiger eye earrings and see what kind of look you can create.