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Platinum over Bronze

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Evine Price $53.00
or 6 ValuePay : $8.83
Evine Price $40.00 - $56.00
or 6 ValuePay : $6.67 - $9.33

Beauty Meets Brawn in Our Platinum-Over-Bronze Earrings

With is sleek elegance and mysterious luster, platinum is a celebrity metal. Bronze, on the other hand, is the bodyguard metal. Which is why their partnership in our line of platinum-over-bronze earrings is such a dominant team. Platinum captures all the attention, and bronze is there to steamroll the paparazzi aside, making sure platinum survives the mob untarnished.

Platinum plating over bronze earrings provides the one-of-a-kind brilliance of the platinum precious metal while boasting the durable, longevity of bronze in one item. What’s more, the cost-savings is passed down to the consumer. So you can flaunt your platinum-over-bronze earrings, but not have to rent them out over the weekend to pay your mortgage. In styles including drops, hoops and stud earrings , you’ll find exactly the style of earrings to suit your preference. Peruse our collection and pick the perfect pair of earrings to match your wardrobe and personality.

You’ll look smart with our elegant and timeless earring sets, and you’ll be smart for purchasing a platinum jewelry option that is guaranteed to last and not overhaul your savings. So push aside your doubts — just like a bodyguard clearing a path to a waiting SUV — and buy now.