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Ouro Verde

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Ouro Verde are the Gold Standard in Green Earrings

Certain gemstones occur in a broad range of color. While this can be useful, it can also diminish the stature or popularity of certain gems, making them somehow less emblematic or iconic. But with ouro verde earrings, in drops and studs you are offered an unmistakable motif that is and self-evident.

In Portuguese, “ouro verde” means green gold. It’s no surprise when you first see the vivid yellow stone with vibrant hints of chartreuse why this phrase was adopted to describe it. A member of the quartz family, ouro verde jewelry is far rarer than its lineage would imply. Unlike quartz, which is found worldwide, ouro verde is mined only off the eastern coast of Brazil, making the southern-hemisphere gemstone a regional powerhouse.

Most ouro verde gems display long-lasting luster and exceptional clarity. Find your perfect jewelry earring set in drops or studs, both displaying the colorful green brilliance that is a signature of the ouro verde gemstone. Gold is a common expression of “first place.” Now the green gold of ouro verde earrings is a signifier for friends who wish they’d seen these earrings first! When it comes to these earrings, silver and bronze are not on the same podium.