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Moissanite Bracelets - Celebrating the Science of Scintillating Sparkle Right on Your Wrist

Nothing is more elegant than a stark white lab coat. Add a pair of safety goggles and those little things you put over your shoes and you're ready for a night out on the town. Uh, wait, I think I got my lines a little crossed there. The science is cool and the result is elegant. Got it. Let's try again. Ok, Moissanite bracelets, here we go.

Sheer brilliance – that's how you could describe Moissanite. Created exclusively by stylish scientists, Moissante is a near-colorless stone with a radiance that more than doubles the fire of nature's closest rival, the diamond. Expert planning and precision in cutting the stone maximizes Moissanite's shimmering potential. When you're looking to shine bright and make the most of any light source, you can't miss with Moissanite, especially when it's in a bracelet.

Moisanite bracelets blend a remarkably radiant stone with the fluid movement of your animated arms. Imagine the humble light of a candle at dinner sparking a spectacle of shimmer as you do something as simple as lift your wine glass. It'll be your personal spotlight and everyone will notice your impeccable style.

Now, just go ahead and skip past the diamond bracelets, white zircon bracelets and white topaz bracelets. It's obvious you want that Moissanite bracelet and we have plenty, so just go choose one. Unfortunately, if you're looking to complete your ensemble with a lab coat, we're all sold out at the moment.