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Make an Impact with a Bold Basic Chain

You’re ready to hit the town with the boys wearing your finest duds – let’s be real: you’re most definitely dressed to impress. However, your effortlessly cool, it-looks-like-I-don’t-care-but-I-actually-tried-really-hard outfit is missing the finishing touch. You’ve busted out your most impressive dress shoes and even put a little bit of product in your hair to give it that charming, I’m-a-pretty-cool-guy look, but no great night out is complete without the perfect accessory. A watch? Too common. An earring? Not for you. A ring? Nah, it’ll just make you fidget. Let’s go with a bold option – something you’ve never tried out before. Slip a chain around your neck to make a real statement and tie together your stylish ensemble. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the title up top… there’s nothing “basic” about these chains – they’re pretty sweet and are sure to get you noticed.

Sure, maybe you won’t wear your new chain every day, but it sure does put a kick of personality into each look you pull together. A basic chain is a great way to grab some attention when you’re out with your friends downtown or heading out for date night. While you’re at it, you could always try slipping on a substantial bracelet, let yourself stand out with a powerful statement pendant, or heck – maybe it turns out that you are a ring guy, after all! Why not find out.