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Ametrine Pendants – They're Quartz of Course

Just like the name sounds, ametrine is a blend of amethyst and citrine. It's a naturally occurring variety of quartz, mined mainly in Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil. No, you're not seeing things … the cool looking range of color in the stone comes from various oxidation states of iron within the crystal. Temperature and laboratory irradiation also play a factor when it comes to color, however in general you will find a blend of yellow and purple. Two-toned, bi-color … whatever you want to call it, it looks so cool!

Being a part of the quartz family, ametrine is known for its connection to energy. When ametrine is worn as a piece of jewelry, many think it helps reduce stress while creating peace and harmony. Citrine is thought to strengthen will power and bump up your level of creativity, while amethyst can aid in reducing anxiety.

Obviously the pretty color and unique style of this gemstone make it fun wear. Pair the gem with multiple metals or even play off the stone's color, accenting it with a pair of citrine earrings or an amethyst ring. Think of how pretty an ametrine pendant would look against a black dress at that upcoming cocktail party or wedding. No doubt, it's a must-have for your jewelry collection.