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As newlyweds and unabashed romantics, Capucine & David Gooding founded Juliska in 2001 with a small collection of mouth-blown Bohemian glasses. Today, Juliska makes hundreds of products for the table and home. Juliska’s original designs are brought to life by fine artisans all over the world who share their passion for enduring quality and soulful beauty. “At Juliska, we don’t like things that are too perfect. We like togetherness. And passion. And tables that are as beautiful as they are eclectic. With friends and family all around. We are against the cold abstraction of the category. We are against collecting dishes or glasses for their own sake. Because we know they are just fuel for the beautiful blaze of togetherness”

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Capucine De Wulf GoodingAbout the Guest
Capucine De Wulf Gooding was born in Paris to a French father and a Texan mother. Her unique upbringing resulted in her hallmark personality and design aesthetic, combining French romance with American sensibility. In 2001, Capucine and her husband David Gooding founded Juliska – an acclaimed tableware and home décor company inspired by the joy of gathering to create unforgettable moments. Juliska products are sold in select luxury retailers across the United States and internationally. Capucine lives with her three daughters, husband and a small zoo of furry pets in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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