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Tagua Fashion Jewelry

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About the Collection
Experience fresh looks with the color, fun, and style of Tagua Fashion Jewelry - unique fashion jewelry crafted from the Amazon rainforest's tropical tagua seed. Richly colored, exquisitely designed and sustainable, this collection offers stunning, exotic looks you can feel great about wearing.

Each piece originates in the lush Amazon rainforest where artisans collect tagua seeds from the palm trees above. After harvesting, the seeds are meticulously polished and hand-carved into beautiful and intricate shapes. The seeds are then colored with vivid Italian vegetable dyes and worked together to create bold and interesting designs. Because no two tagua seeds are alike, each piece is as unique as the individual who wears it.

Discover this amazing South American jewelry collection, showcasing handmade pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that feature brilliant colors and stylish shapes. Enjoy the unique designs, vibrant details, and fun fashion of Tagua Fashion Jewelry - exclusively at EVINE Live.

Soraya CedenoAbout the Guest
Born in a small coastal village in Ecuador, Soraya Cedeno grew up surrounded by talented artisans who worked with tagua. Carrying her love for her culture and her people as she traveled the world, she became determined to give back to the gifted artisans from her home town. Inspired by the high fashion of New York and Miami, Soraya now works with village artisans to craft the seeds of Amazonian palm trees into gorgeous pieces of Jewelry. Through this partnership, Soraya offers exquisitely designed products made from sustainable materials.

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