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Portofino Italian Jewelry

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About the Collection
Feel elegant everyday with Portofino Italian Jewelry - a bold and sophisticated jewelry collection available exclusively at EVINE Live. Inspired by La Dolce Vita, or “the sweet life” in Italian, Portofino reimagines classic designs to deliver a refined modern look. Distinctly Italian in design, Portofino is crafted from exquisite 18K Gold Embraced™ sterling silver or bronze so you can enjoy luxurious looking jewelry without breaking the bank.

The Portofino label also features the Portofino Signature collection, offering bold designs crafted from 18K Gold Embraced bronze for unparalleled elegance and value. These exclusive rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces have been embraced with brushed or polished gold for pieces perfect for entertaining, relaxing or going out.

Angela Lanotte About the Guest
With more than a decade experience in the fashion and jewelry industry, Angela Lanotte brings a unique perspective to the Portofino brand. Her passion for jewelry and Italian design has defined her extensive career. In addition to working in sales positions for many well-known brands, Angela has also served as a fashion consultant on major catwalks in Milan - one of the world's most renowned design capitals. Join Angela as she takes you on a journey to the Italian Riviera with this exclusive and exquisite jewelry collection.

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As an Italian-made Gold Embraced collection exclusive to Evine, Portofino Italian Jewelry evokes the seaside charm and upscale styling of its namesake village on the Italian Riviera. Each lovely, Italian-made Gold Embraced piece represents updated classic designs that are both modern and sophisticated, while maintaining the dramatic detailing seen on the tree-line cliffs of Portofino, Italy. Enjoy a playful elegance that will enliven any wardrobe. Find beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, perfect for making a special statement, everyday. Discover the Italian Rivera, discover Portofino Italian Jewelry; exclusive to