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Maison Berger Paris

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About the Collection
Maison Berger Paris celebrates 'The pure art of living.' Since 1898, the brand has been providing unique sensory experiences with the Lampe Berger, a perfume scented lamp which was embraced by Parisian high society. Today, Maison Berger still produces home fragrances of exceptional quality in their home country of France. The popular Lampe Berger is a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary style, and allows you to embrace the art of 'sensory ritual.' Using their in-house perfumer who seeks out the most enticing scents from the famed town of Grasse, Maison Berger offers a wide selection to suit your home. Fill your home with incredible fragrances and indulge in a 120-year-old lifestyle tradition.

Maison Berger Paris
The pure art of living

guest's nameAbout the Guest
Rosy Loewith has been a passionate representative of Maison Berger for almost a decade. She is a huge supporter of the product in her personal life and well as professional life. Her goal is to help people have their own 'sensory ritual' and incorporate Maison Berger in their homes and lives.

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