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Sanosan Sandals

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About the Collection
Experience happiness in every step with Sanosan Sandals. Designed and crafted in Alicante, Spain, these sandals are designed to provide optimum comfort, breathability and stability. Sano means "healthy" in Latin, and "san" is simply short for sandal. Many styles feature Seitalunas technology, which helps provide an even distribution of pressure thanks to a highly durable gel that's injected into honeycomb-like pods. With so much resting on your feet, you need that extra cushion.

Happiness in every step

Thom MolusisAbout the Guest
Thom Molusis has been in the footwear industry for 16 years, with both retail and wholesale experience. His specialty is comfort shoes. Using his knowledge, he also delves into product development and works closely with factories and designers.

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