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About the Collection
Show off your style with Ellen Tracy - a fashion, accessories, and watches collection inspired by the colorful and dynamic lifestyles of today's woman. Fusing timeless looks with polish and panache, Ellen Tracy designs will become your favorite go-to staples. Discover accessories, handbags, and watches designed for the woman who isn't about having it all, but living it all.

Sara RogersAbout the Guest
Sara Rogers is lifestyle and trend expert with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. A stylist and wardrobe pro, she has previously served as host for a digital retailer and has been featured in local, national and international broadcast programming and print publications.

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Ellen Tracy Coats & Handbags

Since humble beginnings as a blouse manufacturer back in 1949, Ellen Tracy has become a famous designer brand known for producing elegantly modern outerwear, footwear, jewelry, and fragrances. Evine is proud to offer a variety of beautiful Ellen Tracy coats, purses, and handbags that strike the balance between youthful attitude and grown-up glamour.

Herbert Gallen founded the Ellen Tracy company during World War II when fabric was increasingly difficult to come by. Using resources from a friend, he designed blouses and sold them at major department stores on Manhattan’s 34th Street. Those early successes are what led to his invention of the Ellen Tracy brand, which has grown to encompass three divisions of classically stunning women’s apparel and accessories. Our online shop houses Ellen Tracy jackets and bags designed for the woman “who isn’t about having it all, but living it all." With a variety of smart shapes and sleek styles, each piece easily translates between professional and social atmospheres.

Explore our selection of Ellen Tracy handbags and coats, created with the confident, career-ascending woman in mind. The brand’s outerwear apparel features sophisticated silhouettes in evergreen colors, each jacket the perfect length for dressing fashionably and appropriately for the elements. Similarly, each Ellen Tracy bag touts beautiful handles for ease of travel and several pockets to organize your everyday essentials. The sartorially savvy will appreciate the collection’s mature color palette, from stunning pastels to animal prints, each with complementary accents that bring designs to new heights. Find an attractive, affordable handbag or coat from Ellen Tracy today at Evine.