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Discover simple, yet powerful wireless with Simple Mobile. Simple Mobile offers a powerful wireless experience featuring truly unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data (video typically streams at DVD quality) for $50 a month, plus, international calling to 69 destinations. No contracts, no mystery fees, no credit checks. You can even bring your own compatible phone and keep your existing number, all while lowering your monthly wireless bill. It’s really that easy. Make the switch to one of America’s simplest wireless services.

Out with the old, in with the simple

Gwen Goodman

About the Guest
Gwen Goodman has been in television shopping since 2005 as a host, lifestyle guest and most recently a product expert. She has focused on consumer electronics and hard home products that make the tasks of everyday life quicker and easier. As a mom of three teenage sons, she knows how difficult this can be! She is able to break down otherwise complex concepts in an easy and fun way. Gwen’s passion is to continue to bring electronic innovations to every household.

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