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About the Collection
Never diluted. LOLI is beauty, pure and simple. An acronym for 'Living Organic Loving Ingredients,' the inspiration came to Tina Hedges, founder and CEO, the moment she realized that the beauty industry needed to be stirred up. She wanted to revive the wisdom of freshly harvested, plant based ingredients in skincare and thus, LOLI was born.

LOLI's products begin with only the most potent ingredients that are hand-selected. While each of LOLI's products may be used on their own to hydrate, soothe and nourish your skin and hair, what makes the brand truly unique is its mixing system which Tina calls 'BIY' (Blend It Yourself). Choose a base, such as an elixir, skin butter or cleansing paste, and combine with a mix-in like fragrant sweet orange water to create your own mask. Enjoy trying different combinations and customize the amounts to suit your skincare needs. Armed with the power of nature, LOLI Beauty allows you to reclaim your beauty routine and truly make it yours. Let your intuition guide you. Take matters into your own hands. Try LOLI Beauty.

LOLI Beauty
pure & simple

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Founder and CEO of LOLI Beauty, Tina Hedges has spent her career disrupting the luxury beauty industry. Tina embarked on her entrepreneurial career in 2005 by founding a celebrity hair care brand that was featured on Bravo's reality television series BLOWOUT. Tina has been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 Most Brilliant Companies. Today, she dedicates herself full-time to LOLI, the next-generation customizable skincare company.

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