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Freeze 24-7

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About the Collection
Put aging on ice with Freeze 24-7 skincare. Each product features a proprietary blend of peptides designed to help prevent and treat the visible signs of aging, all while keeping your skin's appearance looking supple and refreshed. With innovative formulations, Freeze 24-7 promises instant visible results with long-term benefits so you can stay looking younger, longer.

Freeze 24-7
Put aging on ice

Stacy CoxAbout the Guest
Stacy Cox has 18 years of on-air experience as an esthetician and makeup artist. She's been a contributing beauty expert on several news stations and prestigious Hollywood television shows. Best known for her anti-aging education and expertise, she's thrilled to present Freeze 24-7. Stacy has proudly used the line since her twenties and refers to it as "smart skincare."