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The Elizabeth Grant skin care line features an exclusive, nourishing blend called Torricelumn. Discovered during World War II, the main active component of Torricelumn is a precious ingredient harvested only twice yearly from pods found deep beneath the sea. The collection features a unique blend of Torricelumn and skin care actives, each researched and selected for their particular rejuvenation purposes to create effective, all-in-one products that address a wide range of concerns, while reducing the visual effects of aging.

Founder and makeup artist Elizabeth Grant discovered her exclusive skin care solution when it was being used to treat war wounds in 1948. Troubled by damaged skin, Elizabeth had this substance specially formulated with other ingredients and began applying it herself. Over time, her skin was completely transformed.

Margot Grant WitzAbout the Guest
Margot Grant Witz is the granddaughter of brand founder Elizabeth Grant. A long-time student of the beauty industry, Margot grew up learning about skin care, style and grace from her grandmother. She attended the Grenoble Ecole De Management in the south of France, and brings her strong business background to Elizabeth Grant.

Margot is now a creative force at the company, heading its public relations and marketing department, and acting as its spokeswoman and on-air presenter. In addition, Margot develops beauty solutions of her own.

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Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant is a trailblazer of the cosmetics industry. Moved by the miraculous results of a skin care solution of her own devising, Elizabeth launched her own skin care company in London, England in 1958, and the reviews and praise have been pouring in ever since. Badly disfigured after an accident during World War II, she avoided showing her face publicly. That is until 1948, when she happened upon a marine plant found in nutrient-rich ocean waters used to treat war wounds. She had this element specially formulated alongside other ingredients for use as a skin care treatment, and the results were staggering.

Give your complexion to the quality it craves with the natural ingredients and formulas used in Elizabeth Grant’s signature line of skin care products. These well-reviewed cosmetics utilize Essence of Torricelumn™, a 100% natural compound that boasts effective anti-aging properties such as collagen, vitamin A and vitamin E. These unique oceanic pods are harvested only twice each year from stalks found beneath the sea. Elizabeth Grant cosmetics and anti-aging skin care solutions utilize a unique blend of Torricelumn™ combined with proteins, antioxidants, botanicals and natural actives to nourish and hydrate the skin, thwarting signs of aging.

This line of miracle makeups and skin care treatments continues through Elizabeth’s family, as granddaughter Margot Grant Witz now heads the company’s public relations and marketing department, acting as representative and on-air presenter for the brand. Evine has curated the best tools from the Elizabeth Grant skin care collection with a younger you in mind, regardless of skin type. Read the reviews and select the products which work to target your problem areas and issues. Hydrate your cells, smooth your skin, treat your lips, and rediscover that youthful glow once again with this unrivaled beauty line.

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