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Invicta has previously brought you your signature watch style, now they're providing your signature scent, too. Inspired by Invicta's superior quality, this scent is for men who want to smell great with a light, clean, fresh scent of adventure and the open sea. Your devotion to Invicta expands to this excellent scent we're sure you'll love.

Eau de Toilette Notes

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Sparkling Lemon, Aromatic Lavender
  • Middle Notes: Coastal Sage, Fresh Tea, Marine Breeze
  • Bottom Notes: Sea Grass, Driftwood, Fresh Musk
  • Liquid consistency
  • Glass bottle with sprayer and cap

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

Please note: Cannot ship to PO Boxes and cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or Guam.

Fragrance Types:
The concentration of aromatic compounds determines the fragrance type. Most fragrances are mixed with alcohol or water to dilute them, as pure perfume could be overpowering. Fragrances labeled as simply "perfume" contain the highest concentration of compounds, for a more intense, longer-lasting scent. While compound concentration is not regulated in fragrances, typically eau de parfum contains less than 20%. Some people with sensitive skin prefer fewer aromatic compounds, such as an eau de parfum, or eau de toilette, which usually contains less than 15% perfume oil. Another option is eau de cologne, which usually contains under 5% aromatic compounds.
Eyal Lalo

About Invicta
Innovation. That single word characterizes Invicta perfectly. No other watch company brings more exciting new styles to market faster than Invicta. With a flair for the bold, Invicta designs transcend the obvious into a world of endless possibilities.

Invicta is always one step ahead of the competition, leading the way with timepieces and features that go far beyond the mere tracking of time and date. Smart style, meticulous detail and superior craftsmanship define every Invicta watch. With a wide range of styles and prices, Invicta luxury watches are within reach for every consumer.

Invicta was originally founded in 1837 with the belief that high quality, luxury timepieces and affordable pricing did not have to be mutually exclusive. After recognizing a need in the modern market, Invicta CEO Eyal Lalo reintroduced the brand in 1991. By staying true to its 150- year-old originating principle, Invicta has since become an innovative leader praised by industry experts, valued by savvy consumers, and adored by discerning collectors.

For FAQs regarding Invicta's warranty click here.

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How To Use

Apply fragrance to clean skin. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your skin when spraying. Ideal locations include neck, chest, shoulders, wrists and inner elbows. This will project your scent more efficiently.

Average days of supply: Depends on use.


Alcohol Denat., Fragrance/Parfum, Water (Aqua), Benzyl Salicylate, Helional, Hydroxycitronellal.