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Personal sound amplifying devices are expensive, but they don't always have to be. Allow Lucid Audio to help you hear the world the way you're supposed to - clear and feedback free without breaking the bank. This pair of universal fit aids are powered by Lucid's sound processing technology. Their compact and hidden behind the ear design are non-intrusive so you can begin to enjoy your with no worries and full sound! 

Personal Sound Amplifying Device Details

  • Compact & hidden behind the ear design
  • Universal fit - right or left ear
  • Powered by Lucid sound processing technology
  • Low level noise suppression
  • 2 listening modes
  • Dynamic feedback cancelier
  • Made in China

What's Included

  • Hearing devices
  • 40 Zinc Air 312 batteries
  • 4 pairs of hearing tubes
  • 3 pairs of ear tips
  • Cleaning tool
  • Storage case
  • Cleaning brush
  • User guide


  • Limited one-year warranty provided by Lucid. Please call 1-800-775-7124.

Please Note: Avoid moisture; wipe down with dry cloth as needed.

About the Collection
Discover a better way to hear with Lucid Audio. Lucid’s line of affordable, audiologist-tested audio products range from protective HearMuffs™ for children to wireless audio devices to personal sound amplification products that enable better hearing for people of all ages. What makes Lucid truly special, is their commitment to giving customers something unique and valuable with every product they make. With Lucid Audio products do you have the option to turn on ambient sound or outside voice amplification with the touch of a button, adding comfort and safety to customers whether they are traveling, exercising, or simply enjoying music or television at home. Discover a better way to hear with Lucid Audio.

Lucid Audio
Hear better

About the Guest
Kimberly Wueste is extremely familiar with the electronics space. Her product highlights included Lexmark printers, refillable ink, alarm clocks, computers, and digital cameras. Kimberly is also the wife of the creator of Lucid Audio. Powered by Lucid Technology was founded to provide high quality and affordable solutions to help customers Hear Better and they are committed to giving customers unique and valuable with every product they make. Kimberly has lived with the daily challenges of having a family member who struggles to hear and is thankful for Lucid Audio’s products that help people hear better.