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Squatty Potty wants to give you a better bathroom experience. That's why they have introdeuced Unicorn Gold - the pre-potty spray that hides your odors and leaves the bathroom smelling fresher than when you entered. People will think you have the gift of a fresh mess. Formulated in the USA with quality ingredients, the spray is infused with gold. Just a spritz of this glitz before the shi...errr stuff, and you're golden.

Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray Details

  • Infused with real gold - helps bind with sulfur to target odors
  • Natural essential oils trap odors above and beneath the water
  • Leaves bathroom smelling fresh
  • Long lasting - each bottle is good for up to 100 trips (depending on sprays per use)
  • Made in the USA using high quality ingredients


  • Tropical Dropsicle bottle
  • Citrus Squeeze bottle
  • Mystic Forest bottle
  • Pinch of Vanilla bottle