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Upgrade your security options with keyless possibilities using the smart TurboLock Electronic Door Lock! Turbolock combines security and convenience by making it easy to access your locked door with a code instead of a key. Send digital keys to your friends and family and track when they're used. Even open the lock from your compatible smart device! Durable and weather-resistant, Turbolock has you covered.

Choose between satin chrome, polished brass or bronze to match your home.

Bluetooth Door Lock Details

  • Upgrade your security options with keyless possibilities using the smart TurboLock Electronic Door Lock
  • Single administrative code and the ability to create as many eKeys as you need
  • Backlit keypad for easy code entry
  • Retrofit for existing doors makes it a DIY installation
  • Connect your smart device to the Bluetooth lock via the Android and iOS enabled app
  • Send or delete eKeys as you need - store up to 300 app-generated ekeys for other people
  • Program your own time-specific keys for limited use, ideal for emergency situations or inconvenient deliveries
  • Set up scheduled access for babysitters, pet-sitters, or house-sitters
  • Create and assign permanent eKeys for your trusted friends and family members
  • Keep up-to-date on your security via the app's live notification system and keep track of your eKeys and unlocking history
  • Go keyless and switch to wireless security using your phone to unlock the keyless door lock
  • Simply assign new eKeys at the tap of a button and each eKey will be just as secure as the previous one made!
  • Automatic locking safeguard mechanism ensures peace of mind - no need to double check!
  • Activate the "Passive Mode" specially designed for hassle-free guest entry with a press of a button
  • Switch over to "Mute Mode" for those moments when you just want a little slice of peace and quiet
  • Operates on four (4) "AAA" batteries for up to one year long
  • Low battery notification and built-in backup battery
  • Made in China

What's Included

  • TurboLock
  • Emergency Battery Pack
  • Strike Plate & Box
  • Template
  • Two (2) Bolts
  • Eight (8) Screws
  • User Manual


  • 3.25"L x 3" Diameter (Each Knob)


  • One-year limited warranty by Warranty Pro. For warranty support, please call: 1-855-850-8031.

Please Note: More advanced functions require the use of the Turbolock app on the admin phone. Sending ekeys requires the recipient to have the Turbolock app on their phone as well. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your lock will help ensure it will continue to work as it should. For most cleaning purposes, use water and soft, non-abrasive cloth. If a mess cannot be cleaned with water, apply a gentle cleaner to the cloth and clean. Do not apply any cleaner or detergent directly to any part of the lock. After cleaning with any cleaner, rinse with clean water and dry so as not to leave residue on the lock. The TL-99 meets IP65 water-resistance, meaning it can withstand splashes and contact with water once properly installed. However, do not submerge the lock. Do not let water and liquids get into the lock's electric parts or battery compartment.

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