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Okay, obviously this means French fries. That's just a given, but we still had to get it out there. Same with fried chicken, obviously.

But when we start talking about cakes or lobster macaroni and cheese, suddenly your eyebrows are climbing up your forehead. Because that's the thing - this air fryer is an incredibly versatile addition to your kitchen that brings convenience along for the ride. Quick to heat up and requiring far less grease than other frying methods, you'll love how this appliance helps you stay healthy while staying fed. And that sleek, modern exterior and choice of colors mean you'll love having this on your kitchen counter. Easily cleaned thanks to the nonstick interior coating and with a large 4.7 qt capacity so you can feed the whole family, this is the next appliance to leave you wondering how you ever lived without it.


  • Air fryer
  • Basket
  • Crisping insert
  • Instruction and recipe booklet

Air Fryer Features

  • Modern design has a home in your kitchen
  • Large capacity for bigger servings
  • Digital display is legible and easy to operate
  • Ceramic nonstick coating for easy cleanup
  • Crisping insert allows for crispier fried foods like fries and fish

View instructions and recipes here.

Additional Information

  • Materials: Plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Power: 1500W / 120V / 60Hz; ETL listed
  • Noise Level: Moderate (30-50db)
  • Country of Origin: China


  • One year limited vendor warranty. Please call 1-312-526-3760.

Please see the Dimensions & Care tab for important care information.


  • 11-1/2"L x 10-1/2"W x 12-1/2"H (8 lbs)

Care Instructions

  • Remove the main plug from the wall socket and let the appliance cool down for at least 30 minutes.
  • Clean the appliance after every use. Do not clean the inside of the appliance with any metal kitchen utensils or abrasive cleaning materials, as this may damage the nonstick coating.
  • Wipe the outside of the appliance with a moist cloth.
  • Clean the cooking chamber and crisping insert with hot water, some liquid detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. You can remove any remaining food residue with degreasing liquid.
  • Clean the inside of the appliance with hot water and a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Clean the heating element with a cleaning brush to remove any food residue.