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Since people started walking around they've wanted to stop and just get a ride. Well, the future is now the present and customary bi-pedal strides are a thing of the past. Enter Swagtron T580 - the easy-to-learn way to get from point A to point B in style - just lean and go!

Use the Swagtron app to connect to your T580 via Bluetooth to play music directly from your phone and rock out while you ride. With an 8-mile range and speeds up to 7.5 mph, a soundtrack is almost necessary. Add in on-board LED lights for illumination, quality aluminum wheels and slip-resistant foot pedals and you've got a ride worthy of the Swagtron name.

Hoverboard Details

  • Rock and Ride - Pair with your smart device to play music through the T580
  • Easy to Learn - Simply lean your body and the Swagtron does the rest
  • Learning Mode and Standard Mode - Different modes allow for different riding experience levels
  • Quality aluminum wheels and superior traction tires
  • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-in LED Lights
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Slip-Resistant Foot Pedals
  • Minimum Load: 44 lbs
  • Maximum Occupant Weight - 220 lbs
  • Maximum Climb: 30°
  • Battery Life - Up to 8 Miles - Depending on Terrain, Rider Profile & Environmental Conditions
  • Made in China

Check out the Additional Features tab for important information and to see what else the Swagtron T6 has to offer you!

What's Included

  • Swagtron T580
  • AC Adapter
  • Power Cable
  • App Insert
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


  • Limited one-year warranty provided by Swagway. Please call: 1-844-299-0625.


  • The product has high power and children are to be supervised at all times. It is not recommended for children under 13.
  • Users should wear an ASTM F1492 certified helmet* and other protective gear (such as wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads). In some places, children younger than 18 are required by law to wear helmets.
  • This innovative new form of transportation is not a toy and carries potential risk.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces, potholes, surface cracks and obstacles. Smooth surfaces are safer.
  • Always ride at a safe speed, maintaining full control over the board at all times.
  • Use proper footwear when riding such as closed toed shoes with rubber soles.
  • Never ride in or near traffic. Stay on the sidewalk or ride in a park.
  • Riding at dusk or after dark can be dangerous. It is safer to ride during the day.
  • Always ride safely and adjust speed and direction according to terrain.
  • Always abide by all traffic and other applicable laws.
  • Do not misuse.
  • On average, it takes 5 - 15 minutes just to get comfortable standing on the Swagtron and maintaining proper balance. You may opt to have a spotter stand next to you to help feel more secure.

* A certified helmet suitable for skateboarding that covers the back of the head. A bicycle helmet is not usually sufficient.

Please Note: Cannot ship to PO Boxes and cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or Guam.


  • Dimensions: 7"H x 23"W x 7"D
  • Weight: 20.50 lbs
  • Maximum Occupant Weight: 220 lbs
  • Maximum Occupancy: 1

Usage Details

  • Travel Distance - Full Charge: Up to 8 Miles - Depending on Terrain, Rider Profile & Environmental Conditions
  • Recharge Time: Approximately 1.5-2.0 Hours