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All of today's paper currency is Federal Reserve Notes with green Treasury seals. In the past, though, Americans used several different types of currency, and each had a distinctively colored Treasury seal. Together, the three bills with different colored seals make a fascinating and seldom-seen collection. Keep this set for yourself or give it to a fellow coin collector!

Seal Set Includes

  • One $1 Silver Certificate
  • One $2 Federal Reserve Note
  • One $5 United States Note
  • Display box
  • Certificate of authenticity

Seal Specifications

$1 Silver Certificate:

  • Coin Type: $1 Silver Certificate
  • Denomination: One dollar
  • Mintage Year(s): 1928-1957
  • Obverse: Portrait of George Washington with a blue seal
  • Reverse: "One Dollar"

$2 Federal Reserve Note:

  • Coin Type: $2 Federal Reserve Note
  • Denomination: Two dollars
  • Mintage Year(s): 1976-Present
  • Obverse: Portrait of Thomas Jefferson with a green seal
  • Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776

One $5 United States Note:

  • Coin Type: One $5 United States Note
  • Denomination: Five dollars
  • Mintage Year(s): 1928-1963
  • Obverse: Portrait of Abraham Lincoln with a red seal
  • Reverse: The Lincoln Memorial

Display Folder Dimensions

  • 8"L x 10"W

Distributed by The Franklin Mint.